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2002 Troop 1 Wreath Sale

  I am one of the leaders of the Troop 1 Wreath Sale this year.  The Troop 1 Wreath Sale is Troop 1 Sherborn's annual, and only, fund-raising event.  If you live in Sherborn, you should already have been called by a Scout; if you have not, please e-mail me and I will make sure that you get a wreath as soon as possible.

  We are selling wreaths (most of our sales are standard-size wreaths, but we do also sell extra-large sizes), both plain and hand-decorated by members of our troop.  We will deliver all wreath orders in early December.

  We also sell Hanukkah candles.  We will deliver these in the week before Hanukkah.

  If you don't live in Sherborn, you are by no means excluded from the sale; if you want to learn more, just contact any member of the troop.