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Herbal Remedies

Herbal Remedies are:
Medicines made out of herbs.

Silk is:
A very soft fabric made from the thread spun by silkworms.

The Decimal System

The Decimal System is:
A system for measuring numbers between one and zero.


Lacquer is:
A coating painted on to wooden objects to increase their durability, often made out of


Kites are:
Unmanned devices that use the movement of air to create lift.

Magnetic Compass

A Magnetic Compass is:
A device that uses magnetism to determine the direction that the Earth's magnetic north
and south poles are from itself.

Cast Iron

Cast Iron is:
A form of the metal Iron.

Relief Map

A Relief Map is:
A 3 - Dimensional Map.
Negative Numbers

Negative Numbers are:
numbers that are less than the number zero.


A wheelbarrow is:
A one - wheeled cart that is commonly used to carry heavy loads.


A Rudder is:
A long board that is placed in the water that can steer a boat when the tiller turns it.


A Mast is:
A tall pole sticking out of the hull of a boat that can hold up a sail.


A seismograph is:
A device that measures the intensity or direction of an earthquake; A device that tells when an earthquake has occurred.

Fishing Reel

A Fishing Reel is:
A device that winds up the string on a fishing rod, reeling in a fish if one is caught.


A Stirrup is:
A foot holder attached to a saddle.


Porcelain is:
A clay - like material that can withstand high temperatures.

Biological Pest Control

Biological Pest Control is:
the process of controlling bugs that harms plants by using natural resources (ex. ants were used in Ancient China to help control pests on their crops).


An Umbrella is:
A semi spherical cover that protects whatever it covers from light and/or precipitation.


Printing is:
The mass production of printed material (ex. books, newspapers, magazines)

Mechanical Clock

A Mechanical Clock is:
A device that uses motion energy to tell what time it is.


Gunpowder is:
A highly explosive material which gets its name from being used in most guns to propel the bullet forward when it is within the gun.

Playing Cards

Playing Cards are:
Cards with different numbers and symbols written on them, used in many popular games today.

Paper Money

Paper Money is:
Money made out of paper

Spinning Wheel

A Spinning Wheel is:
A wheel that compresses fibers into a single thread.

Fast Food

Fast Food is:
Food prepared quickly at a restaurant, often containing high fat and cholesterol contents.

Multistage Rocket

A Multistage Rocket is:
A rocket that has several engines, each of which igniting after the previous one has run out of fuel.