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Work from Past Years

Sophmore Year

  Chemistry: Octane Project
This project analyzes the purpose and effects of octane on gasoline, and the chemical structures and properties of octane itself.

  Math: Luge project
This project looked at the Luge as an Olympic sport, and showed its history, as well as some math and physics on how it works.

Freshman Year

  History: Chinese Inventions Encyclopedia
This project is an encyclopedia of a number of inventions that were first created in ancient China, but that are often commonly attributed to European inventors.

7th Grade

  English: Dune Project
Dune is a series of books about a group of people living on a planet called, appropriately, Dune; this report is a summary of and movie about the first book in this series.

6th Grade

  History: Historical Reference Dictionary
This project provides a simple description of several ancient civilizations, ancient China and Mesopotamia.


  Robo Renegades: The web site for the FIRST Lego League team that I was a part of, in the fall of 1999.