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Tips & Tricks

    - You don't always have to use the obvious solution when trying to hold stuff.
    - Try to use as few motors as possible in any given design, since we only have 3
    - If you can make your robot aware of its surroundings more, it can make judgements for itself better, so use more sensors.

- If something can go wrong, it will go wrong. Trust us, we would know.

- Make your battery case accessible. Fresh batteries are very different from old batteries in speed, and if you have to take apart your whole robot to fix your batteries…

Here are our theories as to what happened on the ISS to cause this problem in the first place



    Here, you can download stuff that relates to this group or the competition:
PowerPoint Presentation (168k, zipped)
Our programs (not available until after the competition)

Click here to download Lego MindControl, a useful program for controlling and programming the RCX. It is not legal to use its programs in the competition, but it makes an excellent testing tool and a good controller if you want to use your RCX like a RC car.

You may need these files to use it.