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AP Language and Composition

  This page contains the essays that I have written in this class this year, as well as some general information for the class.

First Term:

  A link to the official webpage for this class, and the main website of the course's teacher, Mr. Cannon

  My first journal for Term 1: "Is it better to come into the light, or stay in the darkness?"

  An essay comparing The Things They Carried, by Tim O'Brien, with "The Historian and his Facts", a story from The Norton Reader: "The Truth of Storytellers"

  My second journal for Term 1: "Saving one's Life with a Story", the rewrite of an in-class essay on the last chapter in The Things They Carried.

  A response to the 'Fault Lines' AP Prompt, describing how imagery in this piece allowed its author, Meena Alexander, to better understand her own past.

  My third and fourth journals for Term 1 (a single 'double journal'): "There is No Moral Here", in the last chapter of The Things They Carried (my opinion on a response to my second journal, and a commentary on the inherent falseness of all essays.

  My fifth journal for Term 1: "Why Tea Cake?", this journal asks why Tea Cake did, in the end, become Janie's first and only true love.

  Our end-of-term essay, What is your story?, where I analyze my 'story', the recurring images that most often surface in my memory, and what they mean.

Second Term:

  An essay about the movie Harold and Maude and the book The Book (yes, that is its name), on the topic of taboos, and how they are overcome in both sources.

  A comparative essay, in which I compare Rodriguez and Wideman, and note the similarity between their seemingly different lives.

  My second and third journal for Term 2 (the first was hand-written in class; this is a double journal); this journal is an analysis of the story An Extravangance of Laughter.

  My fourth journal for Term 2; this journal starts as a reflection on some of the ideas in the story The "Banking" Concept of Education, and it works with and adds to those ideas as well.

  An essay on the prevalence of taboos in our society, written as a note to future generations.

Third Term:

  A rhetorical analysis of the short story "The Death of the Moth"

  An AP Prompt based on a quote from King Lear

  Another AP Prompt, based this time on the final lines from the book of Ecclesiastes

  Thoughts (in the form of an essay, of course) about the short story that we read in class, "Being a Man"

  A series of ideas about the play Arcadia

  An AP Prompt comparing the points of view of Huxley and Orwell

  A prompt about the passage Testaments Betrayed

Fourth Term:

  A journal on Memento, the film, as a documentary; here, I look at Robert Coles and compare his definition of a documentary to the structure of the film Memento.

  A journal on the book Walden

  A project reflecting my experience at Walden Pond (note: file in PDF format; download a free viewer here)

  An outline of the writing techniques used in the book In Cold Blood

  The Last Journal