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Segmental Arch Bridge  

Picture of Segmental Arch Bridge

The segmental arch bridge was a very useful engineering invention.  It allowed stronger bridges to be built with fewer materials, and longer bridges to be built safely.  This invention helped people to cross China's many rivers.  It is also an engineering achievement that even today's Chinese engineers look up to.  The bridge pictured above is one of the first segmental arch bridges ever built, and it is still standing today.  It has good clearance over the water, allowing boats to travel underneath it.  It is of a better quality than many bridges that are in use today.

Date of Invention:
620 AD

Li Ch'un

Importance to Chinese civilization:
Made transportation over China's many rivers easier, increasing internal travel and trade

Importance to other civilizations:
This invention improved, and increased as a result, internal travel and trade.

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